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EPI Corestone Nature is a robust concrete-like floor that is perfect in almost all environments. This innovative resin floor features a nature-inspired texture, delivering a sophisticated and organic aesthetic that combines elegance with practicality.

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June 8 2023

ToughSphere - the perfect floor for hospitality

A restaurant's interior sets the tone for the culinary experience before the first dish has been ordered. The choice of flooring plays a major role in this. Designed to withstand the high demands of a restaurant space whilst maintaining elegance and style, our Sphere8 ToughSphere system is the best choice.

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June 7 2023

Colour Focus: Greens

Green and its many variations has risen through the charts as the go-to colour for many design choices over the past months, and has no plan to vanish any time soon.

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June 6 2023

Project Focus: Bespoke Staircase

One project our Sphere8 team were most fascinated by is our commercial flooring project the bespoke staircase in central London.

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June 6 2023

Project Focus: Fairgame

Sphere8 were invited to install seamless commercial comfort flooring to Fairgame in Canary Wharf - a contemporary twist on the classic funfair - known as competitive socialising.


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DesignSphere in Custom Colour (Photography by Kris Humphreys)

September 29 2021

Project Focus: London Science Museum

One of our most exciting new projects with designer resin flooring was the new Hospitality Zone on the 4th and 5th floor of the London Science Museum. Alongside 8Build, Sphere8 brought to life Mary Duggan Architects’ design for the new space created to “provide an adaptable interior to accommodate a diverse range of events”. 

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Custom Colour Wall Finish and LuxSphere Floor (Photography by David Butler) (Design by Nash Baker Architects)

September 20 2021

Project Focus: Basement Swimming Pool in Knightsbridge

Sphere8 had the pleasure of collaborating with Nash Baker Architects on the renovation of a townhouse in Knightsbridge.  One of the most remarkable features of this renovation was the inclusion of a basement training pool built beneath the garden of the property...


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Sphere8 terrazzo resin flooring at Harrods Wellness Clinic

November 21 2017

Find out why Sphere8’s installation at Harrods is an award-winning project…

We are delighted to announce that Sphere8 has once again been awarded Small Commercial Project of the Year by the Resin Flooring Association, and this year it was for a truly exciting project! Earlier this year we worked on the stunning new Wellness Clinic at Harrods, Knightsbridge! Suffice to say we were thrilled to be asked to collaborate on such an illustrious installation, and it didn’t disappoint. Now that it has joined our growing list of award-winning projects we are delighted to share the very bespoke details with you…

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History of Flooring

August 3 2017

Getting to know your floors...

There are times when it’s important to take stock – to look back on where you came from and to really appreciate how far you’ve come. 2017 marks Sphere8’s 8th anniversary – as well as the end of our rebrand and some exciting new ventures in some exciting commercial projects – and so the right time to take a look back at not just our history but the history of the flooring industry as a whole. Resin floors are a relatively new concept in the grand history of interior design, but we owe a lot to our better-known predecessors…

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Bespoke glitter resin flooring by Sphere8

April 26 2017

Product Focus: ArtSphere

Of all our latest products and systems, there is one that stands out as the most creative and innovative. Our ArtSphere floors are evidence of just how unique a Sphere8 floor can be… and we’ve had some very creative clients over the years! Although we’ve offered bespoke floors for the last 8 years, it’s only as Sphere8 that we have dedicated a specific product to finding innovative solutions to whatever you can dream up! So we thought it was time to look back at some of our most exciting ArtSphere projects…

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