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EPI Corestone Nature is a robust concrete-like floor that is perfect in almost all environments. This innovative resin floor features a nature-inspired texture, delivering a sophisticated and organic aesthetic that combines elegance with practicality.

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Red resin autumnal flooring

October 3 2023

Turn Over a New Leaf for your Flooring This Autumn

With the weather changing, people are spending more time inside during autumn. So when else would be a better time to revamp your home with resin flooring?

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resin flooring underfloor heating in a residential kitchen

September 18 2023

Resin Flooring and Underfloor Heating

The benefits of pairing resin flooring with underfloor heating, keeping you warm this winter.

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Warm Resin Flooring in an Apartment

September 18 2023

Avoid the Cold with Resin!

Not looking forward to the cold months ahead in your home? Resin flooring may be your answer!

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A patterned resin floor in an ice cream shop

September 7 2023

Patterned Floors that Last

Got a great floor pattern idea in your head, but not sure how to execute it? Our DesignSphere system is for you!

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blue marbled resin flooring sample

August 30 2023

Crazy for you, crazy for blue!

Have a space that needs tying together with the perfect floor or wall colour? We can create the perfect shade to bring your space together.

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bespoke resin joinery bar in a commercial building

August 24 2023

Sphere8 joinery

Discover Sphere8 joinery - the perfect bespoke addition to your space.

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August 10 2023

Sustainable resin flooring

With an ever increasing global demand for more sustainable products on the global market, at Sphere8 we are driven to produce high end, designer seamless resin flooring that limits its impact on the environment as far as possible.

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August 2 2023

Redefining Kitchens

For many people, a bright, open-plan, inviting kitchen is the most important aspect of their home. A Sphere8 resin floor is the perfect component to this process.

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July 31 2023

Sphere8 x Wetroom Materials

Sphere8 and Wetroom Materials have partnered up to provide a unique solution for seamless surfaces and wetroom drains.

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