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EPI Corestone Nature is a robust concrete-like floor that is perfect in almost all environments. This innovative resin floor features a nature-inspired texture, delivering a sophisticated and organic aesthetic that combines elegance with practicality.

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EPI Superbase Mineral in a hallway

May 29 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Mineral

EPI Superbase Mineral is a resin floor with a blended lightweight mineral filler. The tough elastic floor has a depth of colour and visual texture.

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Grey Resin Floor in a Showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week

May 14 2024

Nordic Design House & Clerkenwell Design Week

Nordic Design House has a brand new showroom in Clerkenwell, London, stocking TreCe and Glimakra of Sweden office interior furniture. Their minimalist Scandinavian styles were the perfect match for Sphere8 resin floors. In the heart of Clerkenwell, the showroom is perfectly located for Clerkenwell Design Week.

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EPI Superbase Crystal in a kitchen

May 13 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Crystal

EPI Superbase Crystal is a resin floor that has a subtle crystal aggregate, perfect for creating a stylish yet practical floor.

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Carbon negative floors in a living room

April 22 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Cortica

EPI Superbase Cortica is a resin floor utilising cork-based filler, perfect for carbon negative floors.

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A Close Up of EPI Superbase Gusto

April 18 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Gusto

EPI Superbase Gusto is a terrazzo style resin floor, designed to give a sophisticated Italian style without the environmental impact of traditional terrazzo.

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EPI Corestone Nature in an Office

March 19 2024

Introducing New EPI Systems!

Sphere8 has become the exclusive distributor of EPI products in the UK!

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Resin Walls next to a sink

February 14 2024

Project Focus: House of Elements

This week we’ll be looking at the amazing House of Elements project, featured on Extraordinary Extensions on Channel Four!

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Orange and Blue ArtSphere Floor

January 29 2024

DesignSphere vs ArtSphere: Which is Best for You?

Want a decorative floor, but are not sure about the difference between our ArtSphere and DesignSphere systems? Here is a quick overview of the differences!

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A purple and yellow designsphere floor in a seating area

January 21 2024

Project Focus: The Big Yellow Storage Company at Kings Cross

This week we have a throwback to the amazing DesignSphere floor we installed at The Big Yellow Storage Co. in Kings Cross. This project was a great example of how getting creative with your space can have an amazing payoff!

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