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Dock Kitchen with resin floors

A little look at our home ground...

The Dock Kitchen at Portobello Dock, co-owned by Tom Dixon, is a perfect example of a statement dark floor that is also a blank canvas for his amazing pieces!

For those who have visited our showroom in Ladbroke Grove, the appeal of a quick look in the Tom Dixon Shop is often a bonus! However there is also the opportunity to enjoy lunch at the Dock Kitchen - an experimental and creative kitchen that offers an amazing selection of food with a focus on local produce and exciting flavour combinations.

ToughSphere floors

But anyone who's visited this culinary highlight knows that the interiors are just as big a part of its appeal. Tom's light installations and furniture dominate this stunning space - and the floor to ceiling windows create a light and airy space perfect for business or pleasure. Next time you're here take a second to appreciate the seamless ToughSphere floor in Granite. This is the perfect chance for clients to understand the texture of a DiamondSphere Grip seal coat - the high-resistance anti-slip topping that creates the perfect floor for hospitality spaces. Our brief was to create a stylish but subtle back drop for the interior - and combined with the exposed beams and bare brick walls, our "concrete-effect" floors create an industrial aesthetic that perfectly juxtaposes Tom's luxurious use of materials. Come down and check it out - the food is just an added bonus! 

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ToughSphere technical data

Thickness 3mm
Layers 3
Elasticity 150%
Shore Hardness D60
Abrasion Resistance Very Good
Slip Rating R10-R11 EN 51130
Fire Classification Bfls1 EN 13501-1
Thermal Resistance tbc
Emission Free YES AgBB
Area Use Classification 34 EN685
Application Time 4-5 days
Impact Sound Reduction 4dB
Impact Sound Reduction with Shockpad 17dB
Resistance to Chair Castors Good EN 425
Colour Range Almost any colour
FeRFA Type Type 5, 7 BS 8204
Guarantee 5 years

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