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Spa resin floors

A high-end beauty clinic that had a very precise brief

This Chelsea spa has very discerning clients who expect impeccable quality as well as a chic environment.

The choice of a solid pure white floor was an easy decision, but the flooring had to meet specific health requirements as well. A HealthSphere flooring system allows you to customise the colour and design of your floor without sacrificing the crucial practical elements. Our HealthSphere system is hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic - making it ideally suited for both surgery rooms and clinic spaces. The seamless finish is both stylish and practical, as it unites the space whilst also removing the seams where bacteria can harbour. You can learn more about our HealthSphere system below, or on our technical page.

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HealthSphere technical data

Thickness 3mm
Layers 3
Elasticity 200%
Shore Hardness D45
Abrasion Resistance Good
Slip Rating R9-R10-R11 EN 51130
Fire Classification Bfls1 EN 13501-1
Thermal Resistance tbc
Emission Free YES AgBB
Area Use Classification 33 EN685
Application Time 4-5 days
Impact Sound Reduction 5dB
Impact Sound Reduction with Shockpad 20dB
Resistance to Chair Castors Good EN 425
Colour Range Almost any colour
FeRFA Type Type 5 BS 8204
Guarantee 5 years

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