EPI Superbase Crystal in a kitchen
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System Focus: EPI Superbase Crystal

EPI Superbase Crystal is a resin floor that has a subtle crystal aggregate, perfect for creating a stylish yet practical floor.

EPI Superbase Crystal in a kitchen

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EPI Superbase Crystal can create a beautiful effect in your space, using its fine inlaid crystals to create visual texture in the floor. By creating a slight variation in the floor, it captures the eye, while still making it fit perfectly into any space. By creating this harmonious look between the floors and the environment it is in, you can choose any style of interior design and it will be the perfect fit.

These floors may look great, but they’re also super practical! EPI have designed these floors to be wear-resistant, UV stable and waterproof. Having the knowledge that your floors are well built allows you to truly relax in your space. Looking after your floors has never been easier than with EPI Superbase Crystal with its scratch resistance and seamless design. With no seams, dust and dirt do not accumulate as quickly, meaning that your floors are easy to clean. Additionally, resin floors like EPI Superbase Crystal can be easily cleaned with simple cleaning materials. Find out which cleaning materials we recommend on our webshop.

A close up of EPI Superbase Crystal

© Sphere8, 2024

EPI Superbase Crystal is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces, meaning it can be the perfect option for any project. In residential spaces it can work seamlessly with other areas but still adding some great visual interest into the space. In commercial spaces, it works perfectly to create a reliable yet opulent floor with the inlaid crystal aggregate.

To find out more about EPI Superbase Crystal, call 0208 969 0183 or email info@sphere8.com to speak to our experienced sales team!