Resin stairs in a neutral tone
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Project Focus: Matching Floors and Walls in a Residential Property

To marry a space together, choosing a matching foor and wall colour can be the perfect option! No matter what shade you want, the perfect floor and wall colour can be created.

Resin stairs in a neutral tone

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Our client and their designer came to us looking for resin floors for their house. They wanted to have the same seamless resin finish throughout the property. During a visit to our showroom, they fell in love with our resin wall finish and chose to also use this throughout the property. Perfectly matching colours and finishes across the space allowed for a seamless and stylish design.

To match the requirements of the space, we chose our LuxSphere system for the floors. We needed a system that has our reinforced fibreglass layer to ensure that the floor was protected even with an underfloor heating system in place across the property. Along with the protective properties of our LuxSphere system, it also gave our client a 12 year guarantee on the floor meaning it was a great choice for the space.

For the walls our standard wall finish was chosen with our reinforced base coat to ensure that the amazing look would remain perfect for as long as possible! Adding texture to the walls with the hand trowelled finish is perfect to create interest in the space.

Wall Finish in a bathroom

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A matching colour combination was chosen to make the space more seamless and to compliment each other. Michael was chosen as the wall colour along with Caramel Latte on the floors. These warm yet neutral colours are perfect for any space and helped make the space feel chic.

The property had a variety of lighting types, meaning that the colour chosen had to work well in all of these situations. Caramel Latte and Michael were the perfect combination for this space as the lighter colour meant that even the darker parts of the house had colours that worked well. This meant that the space had a seamless finish without compromising the aesthetic of any area of the house.

Resin Walls and Stairs in a hallway

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