Resin Walls next to a sink
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Project Focus: House of Elements

This week we’ll be looking at the amazing House of Elements project, featured on Extraordinary Extensions on Channel Four!

Resin Walls next to a sink

© Sphere8, 2024

Bright Tiger came to us with the vision of using our resin wall and joinery finish to transform this house to meet the client's vision. Finding the perfect colours and texture to suit each space was imperative to creating different atmospheres.

By choosing to include both our wall finish and joinery work, a cohesive design helped the cabinets perfectly blend into the bedroom. This allowed the client to maximise storage in their space, without having to compromise on the visual aesthetics of the room. The use of the wall finish into the en suite bathroom perfectly married the spaces together. The kitchen walls also work to match together the walls and industrial style cabinets to give the space the character that the client was looking for.

Resin joinery in a bedroom

© Sphere8, 2024

The colours chosen for this project were carefully selected to match the atmospheres of the spaces. The kitchen walls used Thunder to match the industrial-style furniture in the space. The dark colour contrasts well with the wooden ceiling and creates a dramatic effect in the bright space. The textured finish of the walls creates visual interest that paint would not have brought to the space. The darker colour helps bring this texture to life in a way that matches the distressed look of the kitchen cabinets.

Resin Walls in a kitchen

© Sphere8, 2024

The bedroom uses Taupe to create a much more homely feel to this space. The cabinets and walls work together to make the space feel brighter, while maintaining visual interest. The warm neutral colour works well with the wooden floor chosen and contrasts well with the black hardware chosen throughout the bedroom and en suite. The modern look of the space works well to tie together both spaces together with both the built in cabinets and contrasting hardware.

Resin Walls in a bathroom

© Polly Birrane & Bright Tiger, 2024

In the ensuite bathroom our MineralSphere finish has been utilised to allow the wall finish in Taupe to bring together the bathroom floors and walls. The contrast to this and the amazing plant wall visible through the window helps create an ambience in the bathroom.

Resin walls in a bathroom with a plant wall seen through a window

© Sphere8, 2024

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