EPI Corestone Nature in an Office
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Introducing New EPI Systems!

Sphere8 has become the exclusive distributor of EPI products in the UK!

EPI Corestone Nature in an Office

© Sphere8, 2024

EPI, a Dutch resin flooring company, has nearly 50 years of experience in seamless flooring solutions. Their focus is creating floors that are perfect for any space practically and aesthetically.

EPI works hard to create floors that do not harm the environment. They produce their products largely out of natural materials, such as biopolymers. They aim to minimise their carbon footprint and lead the way in creating transparency in the supply chain.

Sphere8 are introducing five of EPI’s amazing systems into the UK, to give our customers the best options to match their space. These systems are: 

  • EPI Superbase Gusto

  • EPI Superbase Cortica

  • EPI Superbase Crystal

  • EPI Superbase Mineral

  • EPI Corestone Nature

EPI Superbase Gusto

© Sphere8, 2024

We’ll be exploring these systems more in depth in our blog posts to allow you to choose the best floor for your space!

To find out more about these EPI systems or for a quote, call 02089690183 or email info@sphere8.com today.