Orange and Blue ArtSphere Floor
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DesignSphere vs ArtSphere: Which is Best for You?

Want a decorative floor, but are not sure about the difference between our ArtSphere and DesignSphere systems? Here is a quick overview of the differences!

Orange and Blue ArtSphere Floor

© Sphere8, 2022

The main differences between our ArtSphere and our DesignSphere system is what designs these floors are able to create, and the method that they are installed in. While we are able to create almost any design, choosing the right system for this is essential!

A DesignSphere Floor in a Map Design

© Sphere8, 2022

ArtSphere is perfect for creating dramatic and bespoke designs that have swirling patterns. By pouring our resin flooring in a certain way, our expert installers can create designs to your exact vision. With almost unlimited colour options and different pouring methods, the possibilities are endless for our ArtSphere system!

A Blue ArtSphere Floor

© Sphere8, 2022

Our DesignSphere system was created to allow for designs that cannot be created with poured resin. By embedding a printed mesh layer in the floor, any digital design can be brought to life on your floor! Our mesh layer is placed underneath a resin seal coat, meaning that your design is protected, unlike vinyl floor graphics. From an art piece to a company logo, anything is possible with our DesignSphere system!

A DesignSphere floor in a tile design

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Not sure what floor you need still? Our sales team are always happy to help find the perfect floor for your space and your vision! To find out more call 0208 969 0183 or email us at today!